Tyrrell schools and county establish recreation league director position

Published 1:00 pm Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Tyrrell County Board of Education on May 7 voted unanimously to bring a recreation league director position to Tyrrell County.

The proposal is that the county commissioners will transfer approximately $42,000 to the school system in 12 equal payments for the administration of the county recreation league program, County Manager David Clegg said.

The school system will hire an athletic director who will share responsibility for school and county recreation athletics programs.

The school system will also manage sign-up and budget those fees as well as concession expenses and profits.

The county will pay for insurance on the players and activities related to its program. The total cost of the program is estimated to be $58,750, Clegg stated.

“Tyrrell County Schools and the Tyrrell County Board of Commissioners are once again working together to solve local challenges,” Dr. Will Hoffman, schools superintendent, said in announcing the initiative. “Last year, the school system and Tyrrell County leadership partnered to create a much-needed school social worker position to help to prevent risk factors with students and families before they reach a crisis level. We appreciate the partnership we enjoy with the county commissioners and our county manager, and we look forward to making this new endeavor a success for our students.”

The Tyrrell County Parks and Recreation Commission will work with the athletic director in co-ordination and assistance with recreation league programs, Clegg said. Commission members are Latisha Basnight, Timmy Garrett, Amanda Hall-Fleming, William Sawyer, and Hunter Swain.