Piedmont Natural Gas to perform pipeline inspection activities June 1-8 in Grimesland

Published 8:16 pm Thursday, May 31, 2018

From Piedmont Natural Gas

As a part of its ongoing work to provide safe, reliable natural gas service, Piedmont Natural Gas will perform a series of routine pipeline inspection activities June 1-8 near the intersection of Gaskins Road and Leary Mills Road in Grimesland.

During the testing, which involves the use of an in-line inspection device, it may be necessary for Piedmont to “flare,” or burn off, any excess natural gas used during the inspection process.

A flare stack (large vertical pipe) will be used for any flaring operations, which could produce a loud noise and result in a tall flame being visible to nearby neighborhoods and businesses. People in the area also may notice a whistling sound or the smell of natural gas.

Flare stack operation is a controlled process that will be managed and monitored by Piedmont Natural Gas personnel in cooperation with local fire department resources.

Piedmont’s No. 1 priority is safety — for its customers, its employees and the communities it serves. These pipeline inspection activities are in compliance with Federal Department of Transportation regulations that require regular pipeline inspection and assessment. Piedmont Natural Gas is committed to meeting all requirements designed to maintain the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas.

Piedmont Natural Gas personnel and licensed contractors will be performing all pipeline inspection and assessment activities, as well as any necessary flaring operations. Local fire department resources also may be present.