Sheriff reports activities to Tyrrell commissioners

Published 12:59 pm Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sheriff’s officers in Tyrrell County responded to 1,151 law enforcement calls during April, Sheriff Darryl Liverman reported to the county commissioners on May 21.

There were 78 ambulance and five fire calls last month also.

Officers arrested 149 individuals on 195 criminal charges, including one aggravated assault, two larceny, five fraud, 38 drug violations, one child abuse, four contempt of court, one escape, two trespassing, and 138 traffic violations.

In addition to 533 business checks, officers responded to eight motor vehicle accidents, two assaults, three civil disputes, four domestic disturbances, two fights, 12 intrusion alarms, 16 investigations, five larcenies, 19 drug violations, 123 security checks, one sexual assault, two strokes, nine suspicious condition/person/vehicles, 174 traffic stops, 18 vehicles unlocks, two missing persons, and many others.

Officers served 88 criminal and 26 civil papers for the General Court of Justice.

Deputies drove 999 miles and logged 20.5 hours in transporting individuals to and from confinements facilities. Eight males and two females were housed for various periods during April in the Dare County Detention Center at a cost of $5,850.

Three deputies and two staff members received a total of 48 hours in-service training during April.

The sheriff and his deputies drove 14,265 miles on duty during April.