Inner Banks Hotline installs security buzzer-camera system

Published 1:42 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2018

If you have been to Inner Banks Hotline Thrift Store and Advocacy Office in Columbia lately, you noticed a new buzzer system that must be used to gain entrance into the building.

Inner Banks Hotline is a domestic violence and sexual assault agency. Part of what we do is accompaniment of the victim to court in order to gain a protection order from a judge against the “perpetrator” for the victim’s safety.

Due to some recent incidents with angry perpetrators coming to the agency to vent, our director, Janie Spencer, decided to seek funding to help secure the building.

We know that nothing is foolproof, as we watch the violence on television daily, but a layer of protection goes a long way in saving a life, stated Director Janie Spencer.

When clients or store customers come to the door, they must ring a buzzer (to the left of the door) to be let into the building. Please be patient with us as you get used to this new buzzer system.

We look forward to you visiting and using the new buzzer system.