School campus safety projects underway

Published 1:36 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Several projects designed to enhance safety on the Columbia High/Middle School campus are currently scheduled for this summer, Dr. Will Hoffman, superintendent, announced June 1.

An access control system will be installed to manage seven building entrances on the campus. Traffic through these entrances will be governed remotely by school personnel and via automated scheduling. Staff will receive smart cards for building access.

Also, additional security cameras will be installed to monitor traffic at controlled entrances.

New signs will be erected on campus directing all visitors to main school entrances. Visitors will receive badges upon sign-in, and campus maps will be made available to help with directions.

All buildings on the campus will receive a numeric designation, and these numbers will be prominently posted on each building. All rooms will have numbers posted adjacent to doorways.

A new campus-wide intercom system will be installed to allow broadcast to all classrooms, hallways, and shared areas.

And a metal awning will be installed over the high school main entrance to accommodate visitors as they pause to be admitted into the building.