Rotarians build sand pit digger in Auckland

Published 8:05 pm Friday, June 8, 2018

After reading an article about an Auckland play center which was retiring its 44-year-old sand pit digger designed for children’s play, North Harbour, New Zealand’s Rotary Club president, David Hutcheson had an idea. He procured the old digger and using its pieces as templates, devised a safer version of the “machine” with no screws or nails.

Today, along with some 50 of his fellow Rotarians, thousands of man-hours and a lot of donated lumber, nuts and bolts as well as paint, the New Zealand Rotarians have produced some 30 diggers for various town’s children’s facilities in the region.

This equipment has helped children develop an interest in engineering, learn teamwork and have a lot of fun! One more example of Rotarians using their imagination and hard work to make their world a better place.