Gallery reception gives back to families fighting cancer

Published 8:08 pm Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A tank of gas; a bag of groceries; a meal at a restaurant; these are all items that one can purchase with a gift card. While these items might seem unremarkable, when given as a gift to a family in hard times, they can mean the world.

Tonight, at the Contemporary Art Exchange, the public is invited to attend the second annual ‘Get Carded’ reception, a fundraiser that places such gifts in the hands of families and caregivers with loved ones fighting cancer.

Hosted by the Winterville-based nonprofit Daughters for Dads, The only cost to enter the event is a $25-or-greater gift card, which will in turn be given to caregivers and their families.

Inspired by the love of their fathers, three women, Allison Mallison, Andrea Dixon, and Lisa Cartwright founded Daughters For Dads after losing their fathers to cancer. During their time taking care of their fathers, the three were given gift cards and other items which helped them through.

From providing financial and transportation assistance to offering meals and love gifts for caregivers, Daughters for Dads seeks to ease the burdens felt by families during a difficult time.

“Sometimes having a gift card on the table can be a reminder to go and do something for yourself,” Contemporary Art Exchange Director Tina Jandrow said. “When you’re taking care of someone who’s battling cancer, you don’t always think about taking care of your self. For some folks, the gas card takes the pressure off trying to make it all stretch.”

In addition to the funds raised through gift card donations, the gallery will donate 30 percent of its proceeds from the evening to the organization. The Bank Bistro will provide appetizers, and the event will feature a raffle. Most importantly, it is an opportunity to show love to those in need.

“I appreciate the opportunity to host this,” Jandrow said. “Any time we have the opportunity to get together and have an opportunity for our gathering to be beneficial to others is a good thing.”

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