Postmistress seeks to reunite family with precious tutus

Published 11:35 pm Tuesday, June 19, 2018


It all started two years ago with a package of tutus and a letter from Aunt Weezy. With no address and no way to send it back to the sender, reuniting the package with its proper owners has been a mission for Washington Postmistress Myra Lynn for nearly two years.

“A few years back someone called me from out of state and said that they had mailed one of their children something that had been in their family for a long time, and they were tutus,” Postmistress Myra Lynn said. “About six months after the lady called, the package showed up. It was found somehow, and somehow they knew it needed to come to Washington.”

While the package of brightly colored dresses showed up in Washington, there was no shipping address, nor return address, on the parcel. The only clue was a note tucked away amidst the ruffles. It read:

“Dear Eliza and Avery,

These costumes were worn by your mom and Aunt Tammy when they were about your age. My little granddaughters, Cate, Skylar and  Kiele enjoyed playing with them and we hope you will too. If you do, please ask your Mom or Dad to take pictures of you in them and send them to us. Have fun!

Love, Aunt Weezy.”

QUALITY: The dresses are in good shape, having previously been worn by the intended recipients’ aunt and mother. (Matt Debnam/Daily News)

With no contact information for Aunt Weezy, Lynn began to do some detective work. She called all the schools, trying desperately to find Eliza and Avery. After calling every school in Beaufort County, she could not find them. With no name on the note that would give away the identity of Avery and Eliza’s parents, Lynn had hit a dead end.

Never the less, she persisted in her mission. After two years, she is still holding out hope that the rightful owners will come to the post office to reclaim their package.

“I just would not send it off, because I’m right here and should be able to find these people,” Lynn said. “If I don’t find them, I still won’t throw it away. If the people in this town recognize the children’s names, we might find them.”

So, if you know Eliza, Avery and their parents, let them know that Aunt Weezy’s package is waiting for them at the Washington Post Office.