Write Again: An education plan

Published 11:08 pm Sunday, June 24, 2018


The following thoughts, suggestions, recommendations come from my interest in and concern about education in the K-12 years.

And what makes you an “expert” on this subject, Mr. Houston?

Nothing. I lay no claim to being an expert, nor has anyone ever asked me for my views in this regard. So, please feel free, if you are so inclined, to dismiss any or all of that which is to follow. Won’t hurt my feelings.

First, I can at least mention that I have experience in education in several capacities. Teaching, coaching, administration. I will not, however, burden you with the details.

We have public schools, charter schools, private schools, “Christian” schools, and homeschools. That’s a lot of options, and I strongly believe parents should always have the right to do what they think is best for their children.

And now — finally — to my suggestions and recommendations for public schools.

All teachers, after a specific number of years, will be given a one year sabbatical. Six months of that year will be used for a pre-approved educational plan. It could be almost anything that offered the potential for performance enhancing teaching. The other six months could not be spent in any endeavor directly related to teaching school. A time for “re-charging.” No exceptions.

All school administrators, superintendents, assistant superintendents, coordinators, program directors, principals, assistant principals, et al, every few years will re-enter the classroom for a minimum of one semester, and carry a full-time teaching assignment, with all that comes with it. No exceptions.

All college teachers of future teachers will also be assigned classroom responsibilities in a public school setting. At least one semester every few years. No exceptions.

Then, every legislator will be required to serve a minimum of two weeks observing and/or volunteering all day long in a primary, elementary, middle or high school. No exceptions. They would then be required to submit a written report — per a specified format — of that which they observed and experienced.

This two week period would be a requirement one out of every two years they served in the legislature. No exceptions.

Could all of these suggestions, if implemented, have a positive impact upon our public schools? What do you think?

Is such a proposal likely, even in part, to even be considered?

We know the answer to that, do we not?