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Commissioners honor two Tyrrell deputies for heroism

The Tyrrell County Board of Commissioners on June 5 honored two sheriff’s deputies for saving the lives of a motorist and his two dogs.

The board’s resolution states that Deputy James Howell answered a call around 2 a.m. on March 21 regarding an automobile that had careened into the canal beside U.S. 64 near the Alligator River Marina.

Howell observed James Carpio and two dogs trapped inside a vehicle overturned in the canal and taking on water. Without hesitation he jumped into the water and rendered aid to the victims.

Deputy Terrance Flaugher arrived at the scene, and he also jumped into the water. When he was unable to open the vehicle’s doors he broke the passenger side windows, and he and Howell rescued Carpio and his dogs and delivered them to paramedic assistance on the road shoulder.

“The Board of Commissioners acknowledges the bravery, selflessness, compassion and outstanding skills of Deputy Terrance Flaugher and Deputy James Howell and hereby commends them for their remarkable and heroic service to the citizens of Tyrrell County,” the board’s resolution concludes.