High Tides features Fairfield and more about Hyde County’s past

Published 7:16 pm Monday, June 25, 2018

The Spring 2018 issue of High Tides, the semi-annual publication of Hyde County Historical and Genealogical Society, is available for sale.

It features a tribute to the late Earl O’Neal of Ocracoke, information about early families on that island, and mention of perhaps the oldest person who ever lived in North Carolina.

Ann Howard was buried at Ocracoke. According to the Washington Gazette of August 20, 1891, her grave marker states, “Sacred to the memory of Ann Howard, wife of George Howard, born 1724, died November 24, 1841. Age one hundred and seventeen years.”

Fairfield history takes up 26 pages and includes its incorporation in 1885 and again in 1921, a map of the village, a profile of first mayor John Calvin Brown, mail delivery problems, development of roads, creation of a community store corporation in 1891, land acquisitions by the Fairfield Canal and Turnpike Co. 1884-98, incorporation in 1894 of a steamboat company to transport freight and passengers between Fairfield and Elizabeth City, and another community store incorporation in 1913, all with names of principals.

There’s the history of the Fairfield Intracoastal Waterway bridges — a floating bridge from 1923 to 1936, and a swingspan structure until the high rise succeeded it in 2001.

Several claims by African Americans for Civil War pensions are listed.

A reprint from the Belhaven Pilot of 1954 recalls a conversation with Mrs. J. T. Carawan of Oyster Creek about a Civil War firearm and Indian tomahawk head among her prized possessions.

The Veal family is chronicled.

There’s a report about the effort by Swan Quarter Volunteer Fire Department to display permanently the old courthouse bell in front of the Government Center in Swan Quarter.

And abstracts are printed from Deed Book H for transactions recorded in 1788-89.

Editors of High Tides are Betty S. Mann, Fairfield; Linda Gray Mayo, Scranton; and R.S. Spencer Jr., Engelhard.

High Tides can be ordered from R.S. Spencer Inc., PO Box 159, Engelhard, NC 27824, telephone 252-542-0000, or emailĀ romsandy@embarqmail.com, for $10 per copy plus $4 shipping and handling.