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Summer intern tells of his experiences in Tyrrell County

I am Nathan Rowe from Conway, located in Northampton County. I attend East Carolina University and will be a junior this upcoming year. My major is applied geography with a minor in biology.

Growing up in the woods and on the waters of northeastern North Carolina created a passion of being outside. This passion led me to choose a career in conservation of natural resources.

While here in Tyrrell County, I will be working for the Tyrrell County Soil and Water Conservation District under Mr. Ty Fleming. This internship’s main task is to convert old aerial photography from the county into digital layers for GIS.

The Soil and Water Conservation District has photography from the 1980s all the way back to the 1930s. These layers will make it easier to see the changes through time and provide ways to measure things such as shoreline erosion. It will be interesting to see the changes that have occurred here in that time.

In addition to GIS work, I will also be helping with land surveying, and spraying alligator weed.

My favorite thing about Tyrrell County is the abundance of fishing opportunities and being out on the water. For someone who loves to be out on the water this is paradise. I also enjoy the nice people; in the short time I have been here everyone I have met has been super friendly.