Water quality alert issued for Bath Creek

Published 8:51 pm Friday, July 13, 2018

BATH — Water samples collected this week by Sound Rivers from a site in the Tar-Pamlico River basin exceeded recommended fecal bacteria levels during testing. The public is recommended to use caution when recreating on or particularly in the water near these locations.

Test results of water samples collected on Thursday, July 12 at the east shore of Bath Creek showed levels of enterococci bacteria that exceeded the recommended state and federal criteria of 104 enterococci per 100 milliliters. No other sites on the Tar-Pamlico River or sites tested on the Neuse River exceeded this or other standards.

Enterococci and E. Coli, the bacteria groups used for testing, are found in the intestines of warm-blooded animals. While many strains are harmless, others can cause illness, therefore enterococci and E. coli are used as indicators for recent fecal contamination of waterways. Salt waters are tested for Enterococci and fresh waters are tested for E. coli. People swimming or playing in waters with fecal bacteria levels higher than the standards have an increased risk of developing gastrointestinal illness or skin infections.

To find out more about water quality in your area, visit www.soundrivers.org/swimguide or text ‘SWIM’ to 33222 for weekly water quality text updates.