Write Again… This special man

Published 12:23 pm Monday, July 16, 2018

Wednesday of this week was a special day. Very special.

It was John’s birthday.

John Irving Morgan. He “turned” (as they say) 95. And friends, that’s a blessing, not only to John, but to so many of us – past and present – who have known this special man.

Personally, I can’t imagine anyone not knowing, and not loving John.

John is a Washington native, with strong family ties to Hatteras Island also. He is a master at affecting, affectionately, the old Outer Banks brogue. He can talk “high toide” with the best of them. Many’s the time John and I have delighted in conversing in “Outer Banks-speak.”

A few years ago John lost his life’s mate, his beloved Geneva. A force for good in her own right, together they touched a lot of lives in a very good way. Especially did they work selflessly in behalf of mental health issues in Beaufort County.

he First United Methodist Church right here in our Little Washington never had two more devoted members. For many years Sally and I were blessed to share our church’s monthly nursing home ministry with Geneva and John. So much of what they did for others was known to few.

John is a Tar Heel “born and bred” through and through. His love for his alma mater is second to few. He is a Carolina man. Period.

Vocationally, John was with WRRF radio for a number of years, then transitioned to the Daily News, serving as sports editor for thirteen years. He was a very good writer and photographer, and one of the fastest typists anywhere.

Then John sought election to the position of Register of Deeds, where he served, well, almost forever it seems. Each election it was a foregone conclusion as to the outcome. This very competent, congenial man, served the people of Beaufort County in an exemplary manner for 28 years.

John’s two sons, Johnnie and Richard, are blessed to have such a father, and he, in turn, feels blessed to have them as his sons.

I feel blessed to call John my friend, and am grateful to have known him almost my entire life.

So, even though it’s three days past, Happy Birthday, John!

APROPOS – “Count where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was, I had such friends.”

— Yeats

Note – If you would like a wonderful little book to read, get a copy of “A Pleasant Gale on My Lee,” chronicling “A Notable Era in the History of the Pamlico Area and Outer Banks” by John Morgan