Graduating Girl Scouts recognized for dedication

Published 6:44 pm Friday, July 20, 2018

Good citizenship, character, self-reliance; these are but a few of the traits that girls and young women develop when they participate in Girl Scouts. This year, four girls, with more than 35 years of scouting experience between them, graduated from high school in Beaufort County, taking the next step towards adulthood.

While three of the girls are from Belhaven/Aurora Troop 802, one hails from Bath Troop 4324.

Faith Bell

Faith Bell is a graduate of Northside High School and plans to attend Pitt County Community College to pursue an associate degree in the arts. During her time at Northside, she ran track for three years and was involved in cheerleading for all four years. She has been involved with Girl Scouts for 11 years.

“Girl Scouts has given her confidence to try new things, meet new people and be able to accept people for who they are,” Bell’s mother and troop co-leader Jodi Bell said.

Loveanna Moore

Loveanna Moore is a graduate of Southside High School and plans to attend Beaufort County Community College to pursue a degree in nursing. A resident of the Aurora area, she has been actively involved with community garden projects in the town. She is a third-generation Girl Scout, and has been involved in scouting for 10 years.

“I think Girl Scouting helps build leadership skills and offers opportunities you might not get otherwise,” Moore’s grandmother and troop co-leader Vickie Jones said. “I would probably attribute scouting with getting her interested in nursing.”

Autumn Andrews

Autumn Andrews is a graduate of Northside High School, and plans to attend BCCC to pursue a career in pediatric nursing. She attended her first Camporee at 4 months old. She too is a third-generation Girl Scout, and has been heavily involved with cheerleading during her high school career. She has been a member of Girl Scouts for 14 years.

“Scouting has made her outgoing and not afraid to approach people,” Andrews’ grandmother and troop co-leader Elaine Hudnell said. “For the last couple of years, she has worked with the younger girls doing different activities, and this past year she was the Daisy coordinator for our troop.”

Lauren Brinson

Lauren Brinson

Lauren Brinson is a graduate of Northside High School and plans to attend Methodist University to study biochemistry. While she only joined Bath Troop 4324 two years ago, troop co-leader Jessica Credle says she has been a tremendous asset to the group. With the troop composed of mostly younger scouts, Brinson has stepped into a major leadership role.

“She has been such a huge impact on me and my girls,” Credle said. “She is just such a bright young lady and has always been so eager and willing to help whenever I needed her.”

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