Police Activities League, sailing school celebrate unique partnership

Published 6:25 pm Wednesday, July 25, 2018

From the Beaufort County Police Activities League

About 5 years ago, Beaufort County Police Activities League President Al Powell and Kevin Clancy, director of operations for the Little Washington Sailing School, decided to form a unique partnership based on trust and cooperation. This partnership laid the foundation for a novel collaboration between the two organizations.

BCPAL would offer a four-week summer Aviation and Boating STEM program that would start the first week after school ends. The first two weeks would introduce the students to a variety of aviation related science and technology topics.

During the third week the students transitioned to boating and marine related STEM topics, including a boat safety course taught by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

On the fourth week, students participated in the exciting LWSS sailing program, provided the students were able to pass the required swimming tests. BCPAL provides free swimming lessons to help the students prepare for the LWSS entry requirements. Free breakfast and lunch is provided to the students by a summer lunch program coordinated by the Care-O-World Early Learning Center.

The BCPAL summer camp program is funded by the Burroughs Welcome Fund (three-year grant), The N.C. Department of Transportation-Division of Aviation (Aviation Career Education Program)  nd the Graddy-White Boats (Eddie and Jo Allison Smith Family Foundation).