Heavy rainfall July 24 floods sections of Columbia

Published 6:09 pm Monday, July 30, 2018

New Town Ditch that parallels the northern edge of Howard Street in Columbia was incapable of taking away the heavy rainfall on July 24, resulting in minor street flooding along its path from Secota Village to Bush Harrell Canal.

A culvert with catch basins was placed in the ditch and covered over at least 20 years ago, improving appearances in the neighborhood but greatly diminishing clean-out.

Residential yards along the drain way’s course experienced standing water as well.

North Road Street, Light Street, and Virginia Avenue were all pooling water where they intersect Howard Street.

All are dependent on New Town Ditch for surface drainage.

A high priority of the town is to install a floodgate and pump at the western end of the drain way where it enters Bush Harrell Canal. The floodgate will be designed to prevent river water from flowing back into the culvert during periods of high tide. The pump’s purpose is to speed surface water removal following heavy rains.