Tyrrell tax collection report for June

Published 6:04 pm Monday, July 30, 2018

Property owners paid the Tyrrell County tax collector $19,755 on the 2017 levy in June, Tax Administrator Sylvia Brickhouse reported recently to the county commissioners.

As the fiscal year ended, $145,886 of the 2017 tax remained unpaid.

The total of $3,011 was credited to 2017 solid waste fee ($235 per household), leaving an unpaid balance for the year of $51,667.

When all prior years’ delinquencies are added, for both property tax and solid waste fee, the county is owed $572,295.

The county has a contract with a law firm in Trenton that specializes in collection of delinquent property taxes. Several recent foreclosure sales were held at the courthouse door.