Local dance company competes in national contest

Published 1:24 am Monday, August 6, 2018

From Centerstage Dance Company


Centerstage Dance Company, under the direction of LeAnne Jones-Braly, competed at Star Talent National Dance Competition in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The event took place July 19-22. Thirty-four studios and dance companies from North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina and Georgia competed in the four-day competition. Five judges, who had been prescreened and provided by Impact Dance Adjudicators, had the task of scoring all dances.

The Junior Company was composed of dancers Ainsley Moore, Anna Reid Moore, Ashley Mills, Ava Peters, Kaitlyn Jones, Lily Avery, Madison Swarner, Mylie Davis, Nishi Desai and Sarah Paige Apple. The large lyrical group’s number, “Flicker,” won a Platinum Award and first place. They received the honor of receiving a call back to compete for the Grand Finale Award. Call backs were awarded to the highest-scoring dance categories in their age division. It was really an honor to be recognized among so many choices, as well as finish in the top three.

The Teen Company consisted of dancers Ashley Mills, Jessica Williams, Jocelyn Hilliard, MacKenzie Rouse, Mylie Davis, Nishi Desai and Zoe Davenport. The small group danced to “Recover” and received a Platinum Award and sixth place overall; “I See Fire” won a Platinum Award and ninth place overall; “The Other Side” received a Platinum Award and 10th place overall; and the Judges Award called Picture Perfect was presented to the Platinum Award winner “Closing In.”

The Teen Company was joined by Ainsley Moore, Kaitlyn Jones and Lily Avery to perform “Dear Daughter.” The large lyrical group was awarded High Gold, first place and third overall. The Teen Company received a High Gold and first place in character. They also received High Gold Awards for four other numbers.

In the Senior Division, MacKenzie Rouse performed a lyrical solo. She received a Platinum Award, first place in lyrical and fifth place overall. Zoe Davenport, jazz soloist in the Teen Division, was the recipient of a Platinum Award and 10th place overall. In the Junior Division, Nishi Desai received a High Gold Award for her lyrical solo. Kaitlyn Jones, in the Petite Division, was presented a Platinum Award and fifth place overall for her lyrical solo.

Centerstage Dance Company is home-based at Dance Works Performing Arts Center located at 149B N. Market St. in Washington. Centerstage performs at the Washington Civic Center for their annual Dinner Theater and at Dance Works Recital in May.

GREAT SHOWING: Centerstage Dance Company recently performed at the Star Talent National Dance Competition in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Pictured are Centerstage dancers (back row, left to right) Jessica Williams, MacKenzie Rouse, Mylie Davis; (middle row) Lily Avery, Kaitlyn Jones, Ainsley Moore, Nishi Desai, Ashley Mills, Jocelyn Hilliard; and (kneeling) Zoe Davenport.