Changes proposed to U.S. 264 at Lizzard Slip

Published 10:16 pm Sunday, August 12, 2018

North Carolina Department of Transportation has proposed a new super-street project on U.S. Highway 264, east of Washington.

Robby Taylor, a Division 2 project engineer with NCDOT, appeared before the Beaufort County Board of Commissioners during last week’s meeting to talk about the proposed project, which was identified as a potential safety improvement by NCDOT’s Department of Safety and Mobility Unit.

“The reason for that is that our Safety and Mobility Unit, they did a crash analysis, I think, from 2013 to 2018; there’s been 36 accidents at that location and two fatalities,” Taylor told commissioners.

The project would link the super-street design already in place at Asbury Church Road, with the one projected for the highway in front of Beaufort County Community College, according to Taylor.

Commissioner Gary Brinn questioned how the new design would affect drivers.

“It will limit the left-hand movement coming out of Lizzard Slip,” Taylor said. “It will force you to turn right, go up and make a U-turn and go eastbound.”

Commissioner Ed Booth’s concern was whether residents and business owners who may be affected by the change had been informed.

“I know it’s safety, and we’re all for safety, but have the residents been notified?” Booth asked. “Maybe it’s going to affect somebody’s driveway, maybe it’s going to affect somebody’s business — that’s the only concern that I have.”

“They have not yet, because in order to move forward and seek funding, we need a letter of support,” Taylor answered. “Once we secure funding, we would notify everyone.”

The super-street project would feature turnarounds in the same design as those located at Asbury Church Road on U.S. 264, located just west of Lizzard Slip, and those planned to direct traffic at the community college entrance.

Commissioners voted to support the project, which Taylor said is still in its very early stages.