Zion Shelter recognizes founder for 33 years of commitment

Published 11:19 am Friday, August 17, 2018

From Zion Shelter and Kitchen

For 33 years the poor, the unfortunate and the hungry have been coming to the Zion Shelter and Kitchen for a daily meal and fellowship. Through the easy years and the hard years, these efforts have been directed and led by one man, Robert Harris, of Washington.

Harris had a vision 33 years ago to feed the hungry, and he has been actively doing so daily, regardless of weather or personal issues, since then. Supported by his church, the community, and his family and then by a volunteer board of directors for this organization, Harris prepares a well-balance, nutritious hot meal daily for anyone who comes by the shelter at lunchtime.

Harris has been so dedicated to the Zion shelter that the board members felt compelled to recognize his unwavering commitment to the community in a way he hopefully will cherish forever.

During the most recent board meeting, Harris was presented with a statute of Jesus feeding the hungry to symbolize the work that he has done within our community for the past three decades. The presentation of the statue left Harris not only appreciative, but astonished that others recognized his efforts to help the needy within our community.

After the presentation of the statue, Harris told the story of the vision he received to start the program to feed the hungry and was not shy about showing his appreciation of his gift. This statue is something that will be cherished by Harris for many years to come. The shelter is very thankful to have such a kind soul who continues to serve this community daily.