Grass clippings endanger bikers and clog storm drains

Published 11:38 am Thursday, August 23, 2018

Have you been seeing more grass clippings on streets and roads as you travel?

Motorcycle accidents have been caused by a biker rounding a curve and hitting a patch of grass clippings with no time to slow down or react to them.

And grass clippings, pine needles and cones, and other yard debris tend to clog catch basins, drainage culverts and ditches in town and in rural areas too.

One law enforcement officer pointed out that it’s actually against the law — a class 3 misdemeanor in  NCGS 136-91 — to throw your grass clippings into the street. The town has an ordinance against it too.

Section 136-91(a) states, “No person shall throw, place, or deposit any glass or other sharp or cutting substance or any injurious obstruction in or upon any highway or public vehicular area.” The courts have held that “injurious obstruction” includes grass clippings.