Uniform sewer rates for Goat Neck and Scuppernong

Published 11:21 am Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Tyrrell County Board of Commissioners adopted sewer rates for Goat Neck users on August 7.

There is a $22.50 monthly flat rate plus $7.25 per thousand gallons as measured by the household water meter.

A typical household using 3,000 gallons of water during a month would incur a sewer charge of $44.25.

The Goat Neck rates are the same as the county charges sewer system users in Scuppernong.

The Goat Neck service became operational in July while the Scuppernong system has operated for several years. Each is financed separately. Both utilize household septic tanks and low-pressure pumps to move effluent into roadside sewer lines that are connected to the treatment plants.

Sewage from Goat Neck is treated and disposed of by the Columbia waterwater treatment plant. Scuppernong wastewater is treated and disposed of by the Town of Creswell.

The Town of Columbia charges $31.98 for sewer service on 3,000 gallons for households situated just outside the town limits that are connected directly to its wastewater system.

“No sewer connection fee has been adopted at this point,” Karen Gerhart, county finance officer, stated August 13.