Daily News changes frequency, delivery

Published 7:50 pm Thursday, August 30, 2018

Beginning Sept. 1, the Washington Daily News will change its print publication days to Tuesday through Saturday, no longer producing a printed edition on Mondays.

Home delivery of the newspaper will be handled by the United States Postal Service, providing same-day delivery to customers in Beaufort County.

The changes better position the community’s top media organization by realigning resources with its core mission: informing readers and guiding customers to its advertisers. The newspaper will continue to provide news content through its digital products 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The decision, considered carefully over recent months, was driven by two key factors.

First, recent tariffs on newsprint led to skyrocketing costs in materials.

Newspapers have seen increases exceeding 30 percent over the past several months. In response, similar changes in publication cycle have been implemented across the newspaper industry.

The Daily News is eliminating its least profitable print edition, allowing the newspaper to better align resources to serve customers and continue to invest in quality community journalism.

Second, the move helps the Daily News best match changing habits of print readers and shifts in the advertising landscape.

“The changes allow our news and sales teams to focus efforts on producing a quality print community newspaper on the days readers and advertisers have proven matter to them most,” said Ashley Vansant, publisher of the Washington Daily News. “This also allows our team to invest more resources into our digital publishing products, which have grown rapidly more popular with readers and advertisers.”

The newspaper’s website, TheWashingtonDailyNews.com, is read by more than 10,000 people each week.

“We are fortunate to maintain a strong print audience,” Vansant said. “These changes allow us to continue to produce the best online and print news products the community can support. The Washington Daily News has served our community for more than 100 years and we plan to continue to do so for many years to come.”

With the change to postal delivery, home subscribers can expect to receive their paper the same time they receive their mail each day.

The newspaper will remain available at news racks and stores early in the morning and each page of the print edition can be accessed in digital form by 7 a.m. daily. Access to the e-edition is included with all paid newspaper subscriptions.

Readers with questions about the changes are encouraged to contact us at circulation@thewashingtondailynews.com or 252-946-2144.