HURRICANE PREP: City of Washington

Published 3:03 pm Monday, September 10, 2018

According to Washington City Manager Bobby Roberson, preparations are in full force for city personnel ahead of possible impacts from Hurricane Florence. Roberson said Monday that the city is currently operating under a set of established hurricane guidelines. The following precautionary steps are underway:

  • City personnel fueled up vehicles and tested power generators on Monday, also working to ensure sufficient gas reserves for emergency vehicles through the weekend and into next week.
  • In anticipation of power outages, the city has contacted three outside contractors to assist with restoration efforts and has secured hotel rooms for those who may come to Washington to assist. Washington Electric Utilities is establishing an operation center to field calls from those who lose power during the storm.
  • The city is filling its water reserves to maximum capacity, and crews worked on Monday to ensure that storm drains were open and flowing, allowing easy access to catch basins such as Jack’s Creek.
  • Boaters on the Washington Waterfront Docks have been ordered to move their vessels out of the dock area during the storm.
  • The city is reviewing evacuation plans in the case that a mandatory evacuation is ordered.
  • Personnel have been asked to charge phones and laptops ahead of the storm.
  • Hours and resources used to prepare for the storm are being documented to allow for federal reimbursement should the storm hit.

“I feel like we’ve got our plan pretty well established,” Roberson said. “We’re moving along in course with the plan we’ve adopted.”