Florence loses intensity, flooding still likely

Published 2:14 am Thursday, September 13, 2018

Florence has diminished to a Category 2 storm, but officials are warning that Beaufort County residents should still be prepared.

The hurricane’s track has drifted to the south, but the area might still see tropical storm conditions.

“While Florence has weakened below major hurricane intensity, the wind field of the hurricane continues to grow in size,” according to the National Weather Service. “This evolution will produce storm surges similar to that of a more intense, but smaller, hurricane, and thus the storm surge values seen in the previous advisory are still valid. The threat of rainfall has also not diminished, and these impacts will cover a large area regardless of exactly where the center of Florence moves.”

The Category 2 storm is expected to make landfall, or at least come near the coastline, on Friday afternoon/evening, but tropical storm conditions could be experienced in the area as early as Thursday afternoon. Florence’s expected landfall will take place near Wilmington.

The impacts do not vary greatly from yesterday’s prediction, according to the, NWS. The National Hurricane Center is forecasting tropical storm-force winds as early as Wednesday afternoon are likely.

River flooding is possible throughout the state.