Emergency Services offers Friday afternoon update

Published 2:58 pm Friday, September 14, 2018

Beaufort County Emergency Services continues to monitor updates to Hurricane Florence. The storm is slowly moving inland after making landfall at Wrightsville Beach earlier this morning. Beaufort County will continue to feel effects from Hurricane Florence throughout today and into Saturday morning. Winds are beginning to reduce. Models show sustained winds reducing from mid-40’s mph to mid-30’s mph over the next 24 hours. Gusts will slowly reduce from mid-50’s mph to mid-40’s mph over the same time. Storm surge water has started to recede, although slowly, and models show this trend continuing. Many areas are still flooded and remain unsafe. Do not venture out in or drive through flood waters. If you need to evacuate, do so now during daylight hours. If you are in an emergency situation and need evacuation assistance, dial 911.


Beaufort County currently has opened general shelters at Washington High School and P.S. Jones Middle School. Evacuees seeking shelter at P.S. Jones Middle School should use the front entrance. If you need shelter, please move now during daylight hours. Please remember, to bring necessities for several days stay, including blanket and pillow.

Animals for Shelter Attendees

Animals other than service animals are not allowed at the shelter.

Power Outages

Beaufort County is still experiencing power outages, but power distribution is being stabilized. Restoration crews are working to safely and quickly restore outages. Approximately 6,000 customers are currently out.

Please notify power agencies directly of outages and check their websites for restoration updates.

Please remember that Hurricane Florence is still a serious threat to our community. Please take every action available to keep yourself and your family safe. Local emergency resources and many other resources from outside the County are currently working to render services to those in need. Please stay off the roads during this time to allow these emergency resources the ability to work as quickly and safely as possible.