Town Manager and residents offer update on Bath

Published 11:57 am Friday, September 14, 2018

According to Bath Town Manager Bubs Carson, Bath suffered “minimal damage, as far as trees and limbs.” He said the impact from Hurricane Florence felt by Bath was similar to Hurricane Irene, which struck in 2011.

“In the whole scheme of things, we fared very, very well. The tide did come up and got in a lot of yards and probably have gotten in a couple of businesses. Compared to some places, I think we’re very fortunate,” Carson said. “The power has stayed on all night down here. Great job by the City of Washington Utilities, because it stayed on, and all of our utilities are working just like normal.”

Chris Umfleet of Bath reports major flooding on waterfront properties and said water is approximately eight feet higher than normal. According to Umfleet, Breezy Shore Road is impassable.

According to Debra Torrence of Bath, the state dock, Harding’s Landing, and the Bath Harbor Marina docks are completely submerged in water.