WASHINGTON UPDATE: City of Washington offers new info at 4:30 p.m.

Published 4:32 pm Friday, September 14, 2018

The City of Washington issued the following update as of 4:30 p.m.

Street Conditions

  • Municipal streets are being “coned” off by the Police Department to prevent traffic from entering those streets having two or more feet of storm water above the asphalt paving. 90 percent of all the streets remain flooded. Motorists do not need to go down Main and Second Streets in the wrong direction to avoid water. Please remember “turn around and don’t drown “is the correct action by a motorist.
  • Currently the city has no trees that have fallen across our right of way.


  • Evacuations continue in low lying areas for individuals seeking our assistance. Activity is “brisk” and steady. Our efforts are being stepped up to re-locate those persons by night fall. Thus far, this division has evacuated approximately 300 individuals during the storm.


  • Electric circuits are all active including Market Street Extension.
  • PLEASE NOTE: If leaving your home because of flooding DO NOT REMOVE THE BREAKER. Leave everything in the house turned off, but DO NOT REMOVE the breaker.
  • Minor outages are still occurring, but are being handle on a case by case basis.

Public Works

  • Drinking water is safe and we have an ample supply.
  • Sewer lift stations are being operated by our portable generators and are continuing to run effectively.
  • Garbage and trash pick-up will begin their normal schedule next week. Please note additional limbs and debris need to be place in the right of way of the street and please try NOT to place these items in the street because it impedes traffic flow.
  • The pumps at Jack’s Creek are on and doing their job and will continue to pump unless the water flow, in this area, begins to rise again.

Once again thanks for your cooperation and assistance from all of our city staff.