Sunday update from City of Washington

Published 6:47 pm Sunday, September 16, 2018

From the City of Washington

We have another storm update for you, but first – during this hurricane, the City Staff would like to thank our citizens for your confidence in us and being patient with all of our team during difficult times. Thank you so very much.

Street Conditions

The majority of our streets are open in the city. Less than 5% continue to be a problem, but those streets are in low lying areas.

Street cones are up and will continue to be in place until the streets are safe. Individuals continue to go down our one way streets in the opposite direction. Our Street Division is continuing to remove debris, cups, and other miscellaneous items from our catch basins.

Our public parking areas have “silt” in numerous spots and the city will begin our street cleaning with our street sweepers, once the areas are dry. Mulch from plant beds are all up and down our streets, so be careful if you have to “break” for any reason.

Trash and tree removal

➡️ Trash and debris service will continue their normal schedule for the upcoming week. The city has additional crews to assist with the removal of tree limbs and debris from the hurricane. Please remember 3 to 4 foot lengths of tree limbs provides great help for our crews for pick up.


➡️ All members of this department have returned to their normal shift levels for the upcoming week.

Public Works

Pumps continue to operate smoothly at Jack’s Creek. The pipe that floated up, adjacent to Bug House Park, will be removed from the area.

The embankment will be back – fill and the pipe will be reinstalled once the water level is workable. You will see a lot of seagulls in and around our pumps.

Birds will be after the fish. When brackish water invades fresh water, fresh water fish have a very difficult time surviving. You will see a moderate number of fish that will not make it during the next several weeks at our pumps.


Police continue a double shift rotation because of breaking and entering. We have apprehended the individuals who have broken into closed businesses thus far. Four have been arrested by our patrol officers.

Bobby Andrews Center

The FEMA staff has requested a location within the city to take applications for those individuals who suffered losses during the hurricane. We have offered up, for their use, the Bobby Andrews Center located within the 200 block of East 7th Street.

Once the hours of operation are known we will post that information.