One-man show opens Friday at Contemporary Art Exchange

Published 7:11 pm Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A new exhibit will get a new name thanks to the impact of Hurricane Florence.

Jeffrey Jakub’s one-man show opens Friday evening with a reception at Contemporary Art Exchange in Washington. Originally titled “Waterworks,” both Jakub and Contemporary Art Exchange owner Tina Jandrow decided to change the name in favor of something a little less soggy.

“We’re running a quick contest to rename it, because it was originally named ‘Waterworks,’ and we just thought we have to get rid of that since we already had waterworks on Friday, otherwise known as Flo,” Jandrow said.

Suggestions for the new name can be submitted through Contemporary Art Exchange’s Facebook page, and the winner — decided by Jakub — will win a framed print by the renowned watercolorist.

Jakub’s work is distinct; its character both realistic and ethereal in the precise manner in which he wields watercolor. Streetscapes, still lifes, scenes from rural life — the exhibit is aimed at engaging its viewers.

“I’m hoping that people will see the versatility, the energy, whatever it is that I’m trying to express. It’s a quest for beauty and to touch people in some way,” Jakub said. “Beyond the visual sense, I try to employ as many senses as I can.”

His tobacco pieces do that for many: faithful representations of workers picking and sorting leaves by hand can be powerful to those who remember the old ways.

“When a flood of memories come back to them, I feel like I accomplished something,” Jakub said.

Jakub refers to his new exhibit as a “fresh take on a lot of things.” Much of the work is new — he painted 15 pieces in the past week alone.

“We have roughly a dozen and half new works and another dozen pieces from around the country that haven’t been shown in Beaufort County,” Jandrow said. “So we have about 30 works that haven’t been seen in Beaufort County before.”

While the show is up over the next month, more of Jakub’s previously unseen work will be on display. “Body of Work” will be a one-night-only exhibit featuring Jakub’s figure drawings. On another night, Jakub will be making character sketches on the spot of anyone who makes a $50 donation as a fundraiser for the local domestic violence shelter, Ruth’s House. The dates to both events will be announced.

Friday’s reception, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. is open to the public. Contemporary Art Exchange is located at 127 E. Main St., Washington.