Tyrrell deputies aid Lenoir sheriff’s officers

Published 12:26 pm Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Four deputies from the Tyrrell County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to Kinston on Sept. 16 to assist the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

Sgt. Raymond Allen, Sgt. Kevin Sawyer, and Deputies Lance Howell and Alex Liverman worked in Lenoir County through Sept 20.

They patrolled the county with Lenoir County deputies and provided security at distribution sites where food, water, ice, and other items were given out to victims of the recent disaster. They also provided first aid to a young boy who cut his head.

The officers were initially assigned to Bladen County but were not able to go there because of flooding.

“The members of the Tyrrell County Sheriff’s Office were proud to help their fellow man in their time of need,” stated Sheriff Darryl Liverman. “It could easily have been Tyrrell County that needed the help, and my fellow sheriffs would have responded to the call just as we did.”

Since the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association activated its Disaster Assistance Network on Sept. 10, more than 400 deputy sheriffs, detention officers, and telecommunicators have assisted sheriffs in the path of Hurricane Florence and provided security at three food kitchens being operated by the Baptist Men in hard-hit areas, Sheriff Liverman explained.