Outage planned for 3,100 Tideland EMC members

Published 7:02 pm Monday, October 8, 2018

From Tideland EMC


Tideland EMC has scheduled a planned outage that will impact 3,179 members in Washington, Pinetown and Bath. The outage is planned to begin at 12:01 a.m. on Wednesday

This outage is required so Dominion Energy crews can safely perform work to complete a new transmission line loop. Dominion Energy is Tideland’s transmission provider for all co-op substations north of the Pamlico River. All members who receive electric service from the Five Points and Washington substations will be included in this outage.

This Dominion Energy transmission project will:

  • Provide redundancy to existing transmission service
  • Improve transmission reliability
  • Provide operational flexibility

Before turning in Tuesday night, you may want to set a battery-backup alarm clock or your cell phone alarm clock to avoid oversleeping Wednesday morning.

If someone in your home is dependent on electric service for health care equipment, please plan accordingly by charging medical devices or seeking shelter at a facility with backup power.

This outage will take place rain or shine.

Areas impacted will include:

  • All Tideland EMC members in Washington.
  • From Washington to Bath including Jackson Swamp Rd and Possum Hill Road. (The rest of Bath from Bayview east is served by the Sidney substation via the Pantego delivery point and will not be included in this outage).
  • From Washington to Pinetown including Long Ridge Road up to the hairpin curve, Acre Station, N.C. Highway 32 to the intersection of Old 97 including members on Old 97 and Windley Canal Road, and from Pinetown along Biggs Road, Jefferson Road, Boyd Swamp, White Post, Boyd Loop, to Post Road and U.S. Highway 264. Areas east of the intersection of U.S. 264 and Post Road will not be included in this outage including Northside High School and Northeast Elementary.

A text message will be sent to all members on the Washington and Five Points substations for whom we have cell phone numbers available along with an email.