Area municipalities well prepared for Michael

Published 4:34 pm Thursday, October 11, 2018

As of Thursday afternoon, it still wasn’t quite clear what Beaufort County would get out of Tropical Storm Michael. As the storm dumped rain across a wide swath of the piedmont and the mountains, a light breeze and drizzling rain were the conditions in Washington early in the afternoon. What followed yesterday evening would depend on whether Michael continued its northward track or shifted to the east.

While there was an air of uncertainty concerning the weather in Beaufort County yesterday, one thing was certain — local municipalities were not taking the storm lightly, and were well prepared.


In Washington, City Manager Bobby Roberson said that the municipality had activated its natural disaster plan, with personnel operating under the small- to medium-response category. With 14,000 electric customers, Roberson said electric crews were on standby, as were emergency services. Additionally, public works personnel had been pumping at Jack’s Creek since Tuesday.

“All of our systems are go in terms of flood preparation and hurricane preparation,” Roberson said on Thursday afternoon. “We’re set to go.”


While Belhaven had electrical crews out double-checking areas where potential issues might arise from the storm, the threat of flooding to the community was essentially nonexistent, especially compared to what the town went through during Hurricane Florence.

“We have been listening to all the update from the county emergency management office, and following the weather updates,” Town Manager Lynn Davis said. “But for the most part, it has been business as usual.”


Securing items against potentially strong winds and ensuring generator functionality were the main focus in the relatively high-sitting town of Chocowinity. From town-owned properties to throughout town in general, Mayor Jimmy Mobley said that anything that needed to be was secured.

“We’ve got the water and sewer system, the town hall and the police department hooked up to generators,” Mobley said. “We’ve got everything prepared in case we do lose electricity.”


In Bath, Town Manager Bubs Carson said on Thursday afternoon that the town had taken “routine preparations” in anticipation of Tropical Storm Michael. These preparations included removal of debris that might get blown by strong winds and maintenance of the town’s sewer system.

“We’re probably very similar to other municipalities in our county,” Carson said. “It’s been a normal preparation.”


Attempts to reach officials and personnel with the town of Aurora were not immediately successful Thursday afternoon.