Sheriff reports August activities to commissioners

Published 1:27 pm Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Sheriff Darryl Liverman recently reported to the Tyrrell County commissioners that he and his deputies responded to 1,212 law enforcement calls or complaints during August.

There also were 59 ambulance and 12 fire calls that month.

The sheriff pointed out that the number of law enforcement calls in August in Tyrrell, North Carolina’s least populous county, was greater than in the Duck, Kitty Hawk or Manteo police departments, at the height of the tourist season.

Among the law enforcement calls in Tyrrell, there were 16 motorist assists, 9 careless and reckless drivers, 6 civil disputes, 5 domestic disturbances in progress, 1 armed robbery, 173 traffic stops, 15 prisoner transports, and 14 vehicle unlocks.

Officers made 136 arrests on 177 charges, some of which were: robbery 2, larceny 2, assault 2, fraud 1, concealed weapon 1, drug violations 25, child abuse 2, unlawful liquor consumption 1, contempt of court 5, trespassing 1, and traffic violations 131.

Officers served 58 criminal and 21 civil papers for the courts.

The sheriff and his deputies drove 2,310 miles and logged 53 hours in transporting persons to and from confinement facilities.

The cost of housing 13 male and two female inmates in the Dare County Detention Center for various time intervals was $4,350.

Three deputies received a total of 32 hours in-service training.

The sheriff and his 10 deputies drove 17,544 miles on duty in August.