HALLOWEEN HIJINX: Costumes, candy and fun define annual tradition

Published 5:44 pm Friday, November 2, 2018


From Aurora to Belhaven and all points in between, kids of all ages took the chance to dress up and get out on Wednesday evening during Halloween festivities. Thousands of young people and parents enjoyed the evening, going from door to door in search of candy, or perhaps enjoying of the trunk or treat events held at local churches.

THEN AND NOW: Pictured above and below are the same five boys at their first Halloween and their fifth Halloween. They are all four years old. The current picture, left to right, is Everette the dalmation, Noah as Iron Man, Isaac as Captain America, Beckett as Batman and Bowen as Spider-Man. (Cassondra Hawley)

LET IT GO: Ashlynn Rascoe, age 7, went as Elsa from the popular Disney movie “Frozen.” (Amber Rascoe)

WEREWOLVES AND VAMPIRES: Wyatt Shipley, age 8, and Allie Mae Shipley, age 5, enjoyed an evening of trick or treating as Teen Wolf and a vampire. (Emma Shipley)

A SPOONFUL OF SUGAR: Johnna Barnes, age 5, went out as the magical governess Mary Poppins, complete with a magical umbrella. (Cindy Brann)

THEY ALL FLOAT: Oliver Olsen, as It, and Emmett Olson, as Georgie, recreated the opening scene of Stephen King’s IT in their front yard, complete with a boat made from an issue of the Washington Daily News. (Matt Debnam/Daily News)

MOLD BUSTERS: The team from Virginia Baptist Disaster Response was out in full force at First Baptist Church’s Trunk or Treat event. (Matt Debnam/Daily News)

ALL SMILES: Johnathan Patrick and Asia Patrick spent their Halloween on the lookout for candy. (Matt Debnam/Daily News)

SUPER MARIO: Luke Taylor, dressed as video game character Mario, stops for a chat during the FBC Trunk or Treat. (Matt Debnam/Washington Daily News)

IT’S THE GREAT PUMPKIN: Abby Lewis sports a Snoopy costume amidst decorations inspired by a throwback classic. (Matt Debnam/Daily News)

TOUGH GUY: Future motorcycle enthusiast Holden Russell looked pretty tough in his biking leathers on Wednesday night. (Matt Debnam/Daily News)

POWER LEVEL 9,000: Super saiyan brothers Keegan and Keane Warren went out as characters from the anime Dragon Ball Z for Halloween. (Matt Debnam/Daily News)

DOGGIE DRESS UP: The Wine Crate hosted a pet Costume Contest on Halloween night. (Vail Stewart Rumley/Daily News)

CRUSADERS: Pope Hunter Linnen, and his brave knights Conner Tomlin, left, and Logan Reason, right, were on a crusade for candy on Halloween night. (Matt Debnam/Daily News)

SUPERHEROES: Brothers Grayson, Batman, and Eli Kitchen, Superman, were ready to take on crime and clean up the mean streets of Washington. (Matt Debnam/Daily News)

IT’S A MATCH: Lena Davis and Abigail Cahoon rocked matching costumes for the evening, right down to the bloody face paint. (Matt Debnam/Daily News)

DAD AND DAUGHTER: Elliot Smith, dressed as Minnie Mouse, clings tightly to Matthew Smith, who unleashed his inner hippie for the holiday. (Matt Debnam/Daily News)

WHO YA GONNA CALL?: Brittany Reddick, as Pikachu, was well protected from ghosts and goblins by Ghostbuster Breyanah Reddick. (Matt Debnam/Daily News)