Deed transfers: Oct. 22-28, 2018

Published 12:55 am Tuesday, November 6, 2018

The following land transactions were made in Beaufort County during the period of Oct. 22-28, 2018.


Oct. 22

South Creek Marina LLC to Bertie I. Arnhols, 1.79 acres, Richland Township.

Wilson Brown to Cheryl Brown, two tracts, including two slips at Old Mill Landing, Bath Township.

Matthew Brabble to Shelby Carrow Ives, two tracts, Chocowinity Township.

Johnnie O. Moore to Linda Allred, property on Pamlico River.


Oct. 23

Willie Russell Parker to Pamela Parker Cortijo, two tracts, South Creek, Richland Township.

Barbara P. Foskey to Pamela Parker Cortijo, 3.77 acres, Richland Township.

Paul Allen Clark to Jennfier Robin Adams, 1.07 acres.

Ethel B. Murrell to Donna Ketler, property on Washington Street, Washington.

RCG-Washington LLC to Pamlico Properties LLC, 9.918 acres, U.S. Highway 264 and Carolina Avenue, Washington.

RCG-Washington LLC to Washington NC Land LLC, two parcels, .01 acres, .09 acres, Washington.

Teriann Scarantino to Michael Christopher Parker, two traces, Fleming and Third streets, Washington.

Grover Cleveland Haddock Jr. to Damien Michael Mattocks, lot 2 Grover C. Haddock property.


Oct. 24

Mindy Payne Carr to Mindy Payne Carr, lot 8, block 10, Washington Park.

Richard H. Brownell to Leslie Beam Smith, lot 76, Pamlico Plantation, Long Acre Township.

Which LLC to Bert Marshall Whitehurst III, lot 96-96A, Pamlico Pointe, Chocowinity Township.

Max F. Thompson Jr. to WB Thompson Holdings LLC, property at Fifth and Pearl streets, Aurora.


Oct. 25

CarlandGracie Inc. to Samuel Perry Gray, lot 8, block B, Carl’s Woods.

CarlandGracie Inc. to Samuel Perry Gray, lot 7, block B, Carl’s Woods.

Olether Tyre Moore to Karshell V. Tyre, property in Richland Township.

Sid Hassell Jr. (Exec) to Fishing Creek Properties, two parcels, Water and Haslin streets, Belhaven.

Sid Hassell Jr. (Exec) to Newman Family LLC, property at Pantego and Railroad streets, Belhaven.

Sid Hassell Jr. (Exec) to Ellen D. Allen, property at Old County Road and Gum Street, property in Northview Estates, Belhaven.

Sid Hassell Jr. (Exec) to TJS Land Development LLC, four tracts, Belhaven.

Sid Hassell Jr. (Exec) to Carlos Rome, property at Harbinger Street and Old County Road, Belhaven.

Linda S. Alexander to Lorie S. Williams, two tracts, Mimosa Drive, Long Acre Township.

Holly Sue Burke to Sara R. Hanifin, .59 acres, River Acres Road, Long Acre Township.


Oct. 26

Stuart M. Godley to Jesse David Cox Jr., property at Market Street Extension.

Thomas C. Robbins IV to Sarah Elizabeth Modlin, lot 23 Laurcour Farms.

Linda L. Evans to Gregg E. Staebell, .533 acres, Long Acre Township.

Sid Hassell Jr. (Exec) to Robert Whitley Jr. Family Partnership, two tracts: Old County Road; Washington and Lee streets, Belhaven.

Betty B. Nicolle to Jeffrey H. Davis, lot 4, Cypress Bay, Long Acre Township.

Patrick T. Ternan to Tina Marie Leggett, lot 1, block L, Washington Harbour, Washington.

Tadd Floyd Harron to Wenthworth Construction LLC, lot 19, Fairview, Cypress Landing, Chocowinity Township.

Clifton W. Cherry to Joshua Cherry, lot 10, Croatan Street, Wahsington Township.

Margaret Knight Harris to William P. Harris, 9.68 acres, Bath Township.