Columbia street could be closed 2-3 additional weeks

Published 5:02 pm Monday, November 12, 2018

North Road Street in Columbia could be closed an additional “two or three weeks,” Columbia Mayor James Cahoon announced to the board of aldermen Nov. 5.

He said the contractor, RPC Contracting of Kitty Hawk, has requested the extra time beyond the originally announced six-week closure period that ends Nov. 14.

The delay is because delivery of the large concrete culvert, to the placed beneath the street in North Boundary Canal, “has been delayed,” the mayor explained.

The culvert is being specifically designed and built for the Columbia project, said Town Manager Rhett White.

Cahoon reported that underground water, sewer, and natural gas pipes have been realigned to clear the site for the culvert.

Above-ground electric, telephone and cable poles and wires were relocated before traffic was halted in early October.

White added that the contractor desires to install curb, gutter, and sidewalks, and resurface the roadway throughout the work zone before reopening the street to traffic.

“Let’s view this as a temporary inconvenience in exchange for a permanent positive change,” said Mayor Cahoon.

The culvert replacement is designed to speed up storm water drainage east of Road Street and reduce the frequency and severity of street and private property flooding in the vicinity after heavy rains.

North Boundary Canal empties into the Scuppernong River.