The Salvation Army nets record high during kettle campaign

Published 5:32 pm Friday, January 4, 2019

A friendly competition between the two Washington service clubs ended with a win for The Salvation Army of Washington last month. In what has become an annual tradition, the winning club will receive a kettle-shaped trophy. While the Noon Rotary drew $6,000, the Evening Rotary will take home the trophy with a total of $9,100. Both clubs rang one day at the Walmart in Washington, each raising more than $2,000 over the amounts they brought in this year.

Throughout the holiday season, bell ringers were stationed at 10 stores locations in three counties were able to raise a total of more than $74,000 for the Salvation Army of Washington, with a goal of $60,000. Of that amount, $35,000 was raised at the Walmart in Washington.

Bush attributes the success to several churches, civic organizations and 17 paid bell ringers, all of whom worked the entire holiday season. Counter kettles at King Chicken and Dairy Palace also contributed. Bush said the organization had more volunteers this year and the volunteers did better than ever before. In 2017, the kettles brought in just over $57,000.