Hyde County Hotline reflects on 2018, calls community to action

Published 7:18 pm Wednesday, January 9, 2019

From Hyde County Hotline

As we begin a new year making resolutions of all the wonderful things we want to do to improve as we look to our futures let’s take a moment and reflect on how we can help others see a future and a hope. How can you help someone in this new year? Give them hope by saying no to violence in our communities and in our homes.

North Carolina Statistics:

The North Carolina Council for Women reported having 112,427 crisis calls, 52,187 clients served during the July 2017-June 2018 reporting period. In 2017, there were 79 domestic violence related murders in North Carolina. In 2018, between January and November, there were 48 domestic violence-related murders in North Carolina.

From Jan. 1, 2018 to Nov. 30, 2018, Hyde County Hotline has:

  • Served 126 victims of Domestic Violence in person
  • Received 584 domestic violence-related crisis calls
  • Served 84 sexual assault victims in person
  • Received 601 sexual assault-related crisis calls

These are totals of all crisis calls received from victims may reflect multiple calls from one victim. These are not just statistics.

These numbers represent people, families in our communities that are reaching out for help, support, resources and information that can help break the cycle of abuse they are in.

They are looking for hope.

You can make a difference. Join Hyde County Hotline in promoting dignity, respect and safety at home. We need your help. As you look to your future, think of sharing hope with the abuse victims in our community by giving to your local shelter, or signing up as a volunteer to work on the crisis line. Contact Hyde County Hotline

today to find out how you can help by calling 252-925-2502.