Purpose of God Annex begins 20th year with a bang

Published 7:20 pm Friday, January 18, 2019

There’s a lot going on at the Purpose of God Annex in the early days of 2019, as the Christian nonprofit begins its 20th year of serving Beaufort County.

Chief among these happenings is the opening of the organization’s third mission home at a location on East Fifth Street. Serving individuals in the New Hope program, the mission homes are furnished through donations to the Purpose of God Evangelistic Outreach Center, with some support from Bright Futures.

The Project New Hope Program, while open to all who might need a hand up, specifically works to help teens and adults who may have been in trouble with the law. By teaching life skills and connecting participants with jobs, the program serves as an opportunity to make better choices in life.

“By our presence, along with law enforcement and other agencies, we’re able to really snuff out a lot of crime,” Bishop Samuel Jones said. “We put these folks to work, and the prayer is by the time they get off work, they’re too tired to go out and do anything they don’t have any business doing and learn about getting some honest money.”

After Hurricane Florence, an outpouring of donations from the community allowed the organization to repair storm damage and buy a new air conditioning unit. A special gift from the Episcopal Diocese of East Carolina, channeled through St. Peter’s Church in Washington, allowed the group to provide for the needs of kids and families impacted by the hurricane.

Another generous donation from Purpose of God supporter Mark Hamblin has given the organization a new set of wheels, which will allow the group more transportation options for its kids. Yet another recently filled need at the annex was a new freezer unit, purchased with funds from Beaufort County United Way.

On March 21, the Christian nonprofit will celebrate 20 years of service to Beaufort County and its residents during its 17th-annual fundraising banquet. From Purpose of God alumni to those who have supported the organization over the years, the banquet promises to be a look at Purpose of God’s past and future.

Currently, Jones says the organization’s largest needs are for tutors and assistance with its website. For more information on Purpose of God Annex, call the annex at 252-974-1484.

PREVIOUS OPENING: Purpose of God opened its second mission home last May, providing safe, affordable housing for a family of eight people in need of a home.

ICE COLD: A new freezer, purchased with funds donated by Beaufort County United Way, will offer a place to keep treats like ice cream and popsicles nice and cool for kids attending POGA’s summer program.

TOUCH UP: Michael E. Hogans rolls a fresh coat of paint on the front of the POGA building.

NEW WHEELS: A donated SUV, courtesy of POGA supporter Mark Hamblin, will allow the organization more transportation options as it caries out its mission.