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Sheriff reports 2018 activities to aldermen

Sheriff Kevin Sawyer reported to the Columbia Board of Aldermen on Jan. 7 that sheriff’s officers responded to 7,552 law enforcement calls or complaints in the town during 2018, up from 6,874 in 2017.

The numbers of in-town ambulance and fire calls fell substantially last year. There were 232 ambulance and 40 fires in 2018 compared to 382 and 83 the year before.

The sheriff reported 11 break-ins in 2018 versus eight in 2017. There were 98 investigations last year compared to 102 in 2017.

Officers issued 381 citations in 2018 versus 251 in 2017, served 53 warrants compared to 63 the year before, made 12 on-view arrests in 2018 and 21 in 2017, served 33 court arrest orders last year versus 41 in 2017, and served 13 criminal summons in 2018 compared to four in 2017.

Sheriff Sawyer also pointed out to town officials that the sheriff’s office provided security for the Scuppernong River Festival, four-day Rivertown Christmas, and all home football and basketball games of the Columbia Wildcats.