Ware/ Wear: Drinking Vessel + Earring Show Opening Reception

Published 6:25 pm Thursday, February 14, 2019

From Pocosin Art School of Fine Craft

Join Pocosin Arts for the opening of the second annual Drinking Vessel; Earring Show- Ware/Wear on Thursday, February 2st, 2019.

Functional objects differ from decorative objects through user interaction. With the intent that the object is handled and used, certain aspects of its formal creation are called to attention. Comfort, familiarity, and usability all introduce essential considerations for the functional object.

Ware/Wear seeks to gather and celebrate these concerns in the form of cups and earrings, both long-standing objects in human history.

This exhibition showcases ceramic and metals handcrafted works from nationwide artists. All exhibited works were selected through a competitive process with ceramicist Tom Bartel and enamelist Kathleen Browne serving as jurors. Exhibited cups and earrings will be for sale in Pocosin Arts’ gallery beginning February 21 and also online after Feb. 25th. Opening reception attendees will have the privilege of first-choice for cup and earring purchases.

Exhibiting artists include Jason Burnett, Lauren Visokay, Roxy Lentz, Maria Tritico, Maria Bruckman, Haley McElroy, Alice Kresse, Sandy Blain, Maia Leppo, Brooke Mark-Swanson, Eliana Arenas, Nikki Nation, Jenny Dowd, Susan Thomas, Kaleigh Jones, Amanda Bartlett, Sage Morgan, Darcie Beeman-Black, Billie Jean Theide, Jeff Brown, Victoria Lansford, Miranda Wagner, Elizabeth Clark, Laura Konecne, Jenne Rayburn, Carrie Creech, Laura Casas,

Courtney Powell, Nara Burgess, Maria Albornoz, Emily Rogstad, Tara Locklear, Jennifer Cole, Nikki Couppee, Donna D’Aquino, Natalie Horvath, Tom Bartel and Kathleen Browne.

Opening Reception Details will be held Thursday, February 21, 2019 6-8 p.m. at Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft, 201 Main St., Columbia, NC 27925

For more information, please contact Michelle Clower at michelle@pocosinarts.org, or call 252-796-2787.