Disaster Case Management Program approved for Florence survivors

Published 9:21 pm Sunday, February 24, 2019

From North Carolina Emergency Management

North Carolina residents whose lives were upended by Hurricane Florence may be eligible to get a case manager to help them with their recovery. FEMA approved the State of North Carolina’s request for the Disaster Case Management program for use in the counties affected by the flooding that followed Hurricane Florence.

The grant provides disaster case management services for up to 24 months. Disaster Case Management is fully funded by FEMA, managed by North Carolina Emergency Management and implemented by Endeavors for the first six months. The program involves a partnership between a case manager and a disaster survivor to develop and carry out the survivor’s long-term recovery plan. Long-term unmet needs may include financial, physical, emotional or spiritual well-being, as well as referrals for materials and/or manpower to provide support to survivors in their recovery.

The case manager helps households return to a state of independence. Individuals who may have suffered losses not covered by state or local government programs may benefit from the case management services. The state has contracted with experienced case managers who will work in conjunction with faith-based and volunteer organizations to help meet survivors’ unmet needs.

To contact the Disaster Case Management service provider, email DCMNC@Endeavors.org or call the Jacksonville office at 910-378-4913.