Saturday event to serve kids with special needs

Published 7:12 pm Thursday, February 28, 2019

For children with special needs, an event Saturday at First Church of Christ will offer a morning of fun and hands-on experiences. Specifically tailored to kids and their parents, the Exceptional Kids Fun Fest is one of the first events of its kind to take place in Washington.

From painting on canvass to experimenting with musical instruments, the event is designed to give kids chances to try activities they might otherwise not have a chance to. With painting, sensory activities, music storytelling and games, adapted for kids of all abilities, the event promises to be a blessing to both the kids and their parents.

“This is a population that is underserved and undervalued,” event organizer Rebecca Reisig said. “They learn so much when they’re young and I think that providing these opportunities when they’re young is going to increase their chances of success as adults.”

For Reisig, whose four-year-old son has Down Syndrome, the need is clear for more events of this kind for kids in Washington and Beaufort County as a whole. With a community to rally around such an effort, she believes inclusive events would be well received.

“There’s not a lot of opportunities in and around Washington for kids with special needs,” Reisig said. “There’s are some things for kids, but a lot of times, they’re not adapted or structured in a way that kids with special needs can participate.”

The event is free and open to kids ages 3 to 12 and will run from 9 a.m. to noon at First Church of Christ, 520 E. 10th Street, Washington. To register to attend or volunteer, visit