Cypress Landing service benefits wide variety of causes

Published 7:58 pm Monday, March 11, 2019

Although the title “Community Leader of the Year” might imply a single recipient, it is clear why the entire community of Cypress Landing is deserving of the award recently given by the Washington-Beaufort County Chamber of Commerce.

Throughout the community, residents from all walks of life make it a point to give of themselves to aid local nonprofits and community organizations through both their time and treasure.

“If you look back over the 25 years that Cypress Landing has been in existence, from the very beginning, the people here have been associated with a number of causes in Beaufort County,” Cypress Landing HOA President Steve Neckyfarow said.

From helping revitalize the Turnage Theatre to raising funds for the Marion L. Shepard Cancer Foundation, the community’s residents have thrown their support behind a number of noble causes.

That spirit of service, coupled with specialized skills they may have gained in military service or in the private sector, make Cypress Landing volunteers valuable resources for the organizations they serve.

“Most of us that are here were a part of organizations like these in the past,” Neckyfarow said.

Among the agencies that benefit from Cypress Landing involvement are the Beaufort County Concert Association, Arts of the Pamlico, the Shepard Cancer Foundation, Beaufort County Literacy Volunteers, Brown Library, Eagle’s Wings Food Pantry, Habitat for Humanity, the Beaufort County Humane Society, the North Carolina Estuarium, the Committee of 100, Little Washington Sailing School, Purpose of God Annex, Ruth’s House, United Way of Beaufort County and SCORE.

“What I hear from most people that buy in is that it is the people here who sell them on Cypress Landing,” Cypress Landing Community Association Manager Tomi Moody said. “One of the proudest things for me, working for this community, was participating in Leadership Beaufort, and one of the days is a nonprofit day. At every organization we went to that day, to hear those organizations speak about the involvement of our people here, it was very rewarding and made me proud to be a part of Cypress Landing.”

Hailing from all parts of the country, with a wide variety of political persuasions, Neckyfarow says Cypress Landing is only strengthened by the service of its members.

“Everyone gets along together, and I think it’s partly the sense of community and the shared feeling of helping other people, whether it be people in our community or the greater community,” Neckyfarow said. “We have disagreements about things just like anyone else, but it’s overcome by this feeling of helping the community.”

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