Tyrrellinean Club aids local organizations

Published 4:55 pm Friday, March 22, 2019

The Tyrrellinean Club distributed cash awards to 13 local organizations on Mar. 6 in a brief ceremony at the Courthouse in Columbia.

The following individuals received funds on behalf of their organizations: Janie Spencer, Inner Banks Hotline; Henry Hill, Church Road Emergency Food Pantry; Lauren Nelson, Tyrrell County 4H; Cecil Lilley Jr., Tyrrell County Animal Shelter; Major Shively, National Night Out, Tyrrell Sheriff’s Office; Royce Reynolds, Tyrrell County Ministerial Association; Teresa Reynolds, Tyrrell County Scholarship; Michelle Clower, Pocosin Arts; Kirstin Bradley, Columbia Pharmacy; Mark Clough, Boy Scout Troop 86; Helen Craddock, Partnership for the Sounds; James Stehlin, Tyrrell County Parks & Recreation Department; and Johnny Spencer, Tyrrell Volunteer Fire Department.

“The Tyrrellinean Club thanks all supporters of our 2018 fundraising events,” said Joanne Smith, club spokeswoman.  “We are so pleased to use these funds to help many local organizations.”