33 positions up for appointment on Washington advisory boards

Published 6:49 pm Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Behind the scenes in Washington’s municipal government, with some getting more public attention than others, advisory boards help set public policy for the city.

From city planning and historic preservation to committees focused specifically on the airport and the waterfront docks, 33 positions on city advisory boards are open this spring and applications are now available.

In addition to residents who serve on each board, city staff members and at least one councilperson also serve as liaisons with the full council.

“They come up with a lot of ideas, and we try to find some good people to put on them,” Washington Mayor Mac Hodges said. “They come up with a lot of the policy. Sometimes council will tweak them around a little bit, but they bring the idea forward.”

Hodges said even those who are not appointed to boards are welcome to attend the meetings and become more engaged with public policy.

Applications are being taken for the following:

  • Planning Board — One position inside the city limits. Makes recommendations to the City Council regarding approving subdivision requests, granting rezoning requests, adopting zoning and subdivision text amendments. Addresses long-range planning issues for the City of Washington and Extraterritorial Planning and Zoning Jurisdiction.
  • Board of Adjustment — One position inside the city limits. Decides on special use permits, zoning variances and appeals of decisions made by the Planning Department.
  • Brown Library Board of Trustees — Two positions. Advises on library policies and programming.
  • Recreation Advisory Committee — Two positions inside the city limits, one position outside city limits. Advises on developing and operating the city’s public parks and recreation programs.
  • Historic Preservation Commission — Three positions inside the city limits who have special interest, experience or education in history, architecture, archeology or related fields. Decides on Certificate of Appropriateness requests in the Washington Historic District and recommends properties to be designated as part of the Historic District or as local landmarks.
  • Human Relations Council — Five positions who appreciate the cultural and ethnic diversity of Washington. Encourages and fosters good community relations and provides an effective means of identifying community needs through citizen participation.
  • Washington Tourism Development Authority — Four positions having an interest in tourism. Oversees use of Occupancy Tax revenue for projects that promote tourism in Washington and directs the work of the Tourism Development Director.
  • Animal Control Appeal Board — Two positions.
  • Washington Electric Utilities Advisory Board — Three positions in the city limits, one appointed by the Town of Washington Park and one at-large member.
  • Washington-Warren Airport Advisory Board — One position inside the city limits, one outside the city limits. Applicants should be engaged in aeronautical activities or business or have aeronautical qualifications.
  • Waterfront Docks Committee — Two positions inside the city limits, one outside city limits. Applicants should have knowledge of waterfront and water activities.

Applications are available at www.washingtonnc.gov/advisory-boards, by emailing city clerk Cynthia Bennett at cbennett@washingtonnc.gov or by calling 252-975-9318, and may be submitted to City Clerk, PO Box 1988, Washington, NC 27889. Applications are due by May 22 for consideration at the city council’s June meeting.