Conservative Club seeks committee members

Published 8:13 pm Friday, April 26, 2019

The Beaufort County conservative club held its second meeting April 18 at King Chicken restaurant, featuring a fast-moving and very informative program.

The Club is open to the public, either Democrat, Republican or unaffiliated.

North Carolina Rep. Keith Kidwell gave a report on bills that he is co-sponsoring along with legislative action that affects Beaufort County.

Diane Rufino, chairman of the East Carolina Tea Party in Pitt County, gave a very detailed report on the Folwell hospital bill. Treasurer Folwell is receiving very little support from the legislature in Raleigh. He has asked for five months to make his presentation to the house caucus and so far, has not been scheduled. Under the current plan there will not be funds enough to cover 720,000 teachers’ unfunded healthcare liability by 2023.

Ray Leary from the Citizens for Better Government committee explained the real story behind the lawsuit brought against the county commissioners open meetings law case. The lawsuit was brought to simply have the county commission adhere to the open meetings law and stop backroom dealings. They spent $43,000 of Beaufort County tax money to contest complying with the law.

County Commissioner Hood Richardson gave an update on happenings in county government and insight into those things that affect the average citizen.

Rep. Michael Speciale was unable to attend the meeting but sent a detailed statement concerning his bid for the U.S. Congress to take the place of Walter Jones seat. Rep. Speciale has a proven track record of being a true conservative. His colleagues in Raleigh have called him “the conscience of the house.” He is a strict constitutionalist.

The club is forming committees and seeking volunteers who would like to work in these different areas.

Jail committee: how should we approach educating the public on the best decision if a referendum is held?

School curriculum committee: exploring improving the teaching of history, economics and civics instruction; reviewing test methods.

Ministerial committee: assist in the fight for pro-life; explore freedom of religion in our schools; help our loyal church members get involved in the political process.

Judiciary committee: election of Justice Newby as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; exploring new prison reform bill; oversight on our local court system.

These goals are only guides for each committee as they work out local needs.

The club seeks everyone who would like to serve on any of these committees. You may call 252-943-4538 for more information and to volunteer for any of these committees.