Big Bad Wolf guilty, S.W. Snowden students declare

Published 7:23 pm Wednesday, May 1, 2019

GUILTY: The Big Bad Wolf, perhaps one of the most notorious criminals of childhood literature, was placed on trial by second and third grade students from S.W. Snowden Elementary on Tuesday for the crime of harassing the three little pigs and destruction of property. The wolf was ultimately found guilty, sentenced to probation and ordered to rebuild the straw and stick houses he allegedly destroyed. The field trip to the Beaufort County Courthouse is an annual tradition for local elementary students, who learn about courtroom proceedings from Beaufort County Clerk of Court Marty Paramore. Here, S.W. Snowden students Cameron Rowe, Timothy Becton and Justin Meyers, acting as bailiffs, escort the wolf (portrayed by Mike Holloman), into the courtroom, as Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office Bailiff Joe Kolibabek looks on.